What is unconditional love

Many people have asked this question and I’m not even sure that there is actual answer for it. Some people believe that unconditional love is a materialistic display of love three gifts expensive clothes and expensive holidays and experiences. Others believe that unconditional love is so deep that you are willing to give up your life for the person that you love. Other people believe unconditional love is unconditional forgiveness for any wrong someone does towards you.

When I discuss this question with the girls at Charlotteaction.org of https://charlotteaction.org/reading-escorts/ some of them are agreed with each of the statements however one girl said I believe it’s a combination of them all. This will make sense as unconditional is unconditional right?

I asked the girls at Charlotteaction.org whether or not they had experience unconditional love whether they be in receipt of it for the one giving it. Honest answer that the girls from Charlotteaction.org have me was no! And their question to me was if they can’t define unconditional love how do they know whether or not they have felt it I’ve given it. I guess it makes sense I’m not too sure either I know that I’ve been in love many a time I’ve also been in lust. But I can never tell you for sure if I’ve ever been in a situation or relationship where we have shared unconditional love.

Some of the more stuck up escorts in Charlotteaction.org like to brag about being in love and how their partners love them unconditionally. The sad thing is the same partners are they talking about are the same ones that are flirting with the other escorts of the agency. I think the most stuck up escorts in Charlotteaction.org need to check their man before making the source of claims.

I kind of feel that if I was to ever experience unconditional love it would put me under a lot of pressure. But if I don’t have the same feelings towards the person who is claiming unconditional love for me in my eyes that doesn’t seem fair that there feelings and not reciprocated.

Some of the girls from London it’s got so sceptical and say there is no such thing as unconditional love. They do believe that there variants of love and how deeply you can feel it but unconditional love is in achievable by any human being. Some of the escorts who say this say this because they believe that it is physically and emotionally impossible for a human being to have such emotions unconditionally because of other factors like our fight or flight responses to danger which is biological and chemical bodily response that has no rational thought or feeling. They say that the brain doesn’t have time to process any rational response when it comes to somebody’s chemical and biological responses in the body and therefore we have no choice in how we react which means that we could never make a decision to show unconditional love.

I have to say that the girls from Charlotteaction.org who say this do make a lot of sense but I kinda like to keep hold of the idealism of unconditional love.

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