We are kept Apart From Love

Keeping the fact that I used to work for a London escorts agency from my father was never easy. He is a smart guy and was always asking me where I got my money from. It was hard trying to come up with excuses while I still worked for London escorts, but now it is even harder. You see, the man I fell in love with used to be one of my London escorts’ regulars. Needles to say, Nick and I have come up with a bit of a cover story, but then again, I am not sure that my dad is buying it.

When I first moved to London, I did not have any idea that I would end up working for a London escorts agency. I did not move to London with the intention of working for an escort agency. After school, I had trained in the hospitality industry. I moved to London with the attention of making a career for myself working in some of the best hotels in London. I had hoped that I would eventually get enough recognition for my work so that I could work in top class hotel abroad. However, that is not what ended up happening.

I had never in a million years thought that I would end up working for a posh London escorts agency. But, I was not the only girl to find myself in the same situation. Many other girls who come to London hope to just be able to do regular jobs and make it big. The problem is that London is expensive. Before you know it, you are checking out the alternatives and start looking for a second job that will help you to pay the bills. A London escorts career is one of those second jobs that you can fit in and around your regular jobs.

It is not only that. Some girls do find other second jobs that they like to do. But, flipping burgers in McDonald’s do not pay as much working for a London escorts. Like I say, you can end up working really hard. To make a decent living in London working for London escorts, you only need to work a couple of nights per week. This is why so many girls do adult work or join an escort agency in London. Are they all as lucky as me?

I realise I was lucky to meet Nick. The only thing is that dad does not like him. He thinks Nick is too old for me, he is 16 years older, and he does not want me to marry him. Dad says that everything will end up in tears one day. I can’t predict the future, but I do know that I love Nick. He knows about my London escorts career and does not mind. We met on a date and he knows the real me as he likes to day. I hope that my dad is going to come around. Above all, I hope that my dad never finds out about London escorts and that Nick used to be one of my regulars. I basically don’t think that he would be able to handle that.

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