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Welcome to the Better Sex Agony Aunt column here at Better Sex. Today we have a letter from a blow job virgin who is concerned about giving her husband a blow job. Our Sex Expert Dr. Park has replied.


Dear Dr. Park,


My husband would like me to give him a blow job but I am not sure I am up to it. I have never given anybody a blow job before, and I am not sure I want to do it. A couple of Tooting escorts of that I know said there is nothing to it, and I should not be worried about but I am.

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To be perfectly honest, I am not sure how to do a blow job. I have tried to search for information on the internet but only a few things comes up. The Tooting escorts suggested I visited a couple of good quality porn sites to find out how it is done. Yes, it would be great to see somebody doing it on action, but I am not comfortable surfing porn sites. What if my kids find out that their mom is surfing the internet for porn? It might be okay for Tooting escorts but I am not so sure.


Now there’s a thing, is a blow job porn or is it just regular sex? The Tooting escorts that I know say that it is just sex but it does not feel right to me. It does not make me feel dirty but it makes me feel a bit strange.


My husband has been nagging me for ages to give him a blow job but I actually just like penetrative sex. My friends who work as Tooting escorts can understand that but my husband just doesn’t seem to get it. Perhaps I am not very good at this entire sex thing as I have not even given my husband a hand job.


Blow Job Virgin


Dear Blow Job Virgin,


I understand how you feel. This is almost a bit like having sex the first time. You approach the event with a certain type of apprehension. I understand what the Tooting escorts are telling but the Tooting escorts really need to see it from your point of view.


The Tooting escorts lives are a million miles away from you own. You are married with children, and it also sounds like you have different sexual preferences. Let me ask you if your husband fulfills your sexual preferences? If, he does that is great and perhaps you should try some of his ideas.


Tooting escorts appreciate that it is important to explore each other’s sexual needs, and perhaps if you like, see things from a different perspective. However, you shouldn’t rush into a blow job.


You also mention that you have not tried giving your husband a hand job neither so perhaps this is a good place to start. Hand jobs are a bit less intimate, and you don’t risk your husband coming in your mouth. Talk to your husband and find out if he would like to try a hand job, and at the same time explain that you feel he is trying to rush you a bit.


Follow the Tooting escorts lead, and say that you like to explore new sexy ideas, but you would like to take it a step at a time. After all, has your husband ever had a blow job or is it just a fantasy? Ask your husband if he had a blow job, and if hasn’t, he is fulfilling a fantasy. Take the opportunity to tell him about some of your sexual fantasies.


Dr. Park


Our Agony Aunt column is becoming more and more popular, and please feel free to write in with any questions you have about sex and Tooting escorts.

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