Success to become a Reading Escorts.



One of life’s beauty is to be able to get away with a chaotic, messy and miserable life. A kind of life that involves lots of toxic people around you, and give negativity in your life. Life is tough, and it is always. We have to strive hard to be able to get away in such difficulties. There are times we feel unwanted, and rejected by the world. To look at other people situation makes we envy because it’s far different from us. Wishing that we could feel that way too. To be able to have a comfortable life, to dream that we could experience what others had. Life is hard, and we keep thinking that we can’t make it through. There are times we want to give up in life because of its difficulty we feel. Too much toughness makes us think of committing suicide, we can’t handle anymore the heaviness we feel inside. We already give up life, and the only option to it is death. We heard lots of reports that people are dying and killing themselves. Most of this cases are young ones; this generations are being pressured and damaged by love. The supposed to be love becomes a nightmare for some. As young as they are, they had to deal with such depression, or maybe the high expectations of society with them. Some people love to set standards, and when not meet they have lots of bad words to say and drag the person down. People need support from one another, a family, a friend or even a lover, just someone who can be trusted and never leave us through thick and thin. Someone who believes in us, when we lost our confidence and believed in yourself. Someone to inspire us in life and motivates us to become more.


One of the saddest moments I have gone through is when my parents broke up. I got a hard time accepting the truth and to go through it is painful. Many times I want to commit suicide at that time, but my mother begged me, and she shows love even without my father. She is my inspiration in my journey. She has raised me well, and work hard for my education. Also, she is old and sick; she never gives up on me. After college, I went to London. I got an opportunity there to become a Reading Escorts from My life has changed very much; I let my mother stop from work and live comfortably. We have paid all our debts and save money. Both of us began a new life here in London, and it’s my Success to become a Reading Escorts

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