Should I Move Away?

Although there were some good bits about our relationship, I felt that I could to cut my losses and get out. When I stopped and thought about, I wish that I would have left a long time ago. Most of the girls at the charlotte London escorts agency I worked for when I met Alan had advised me against the relationship in the first place. I know that most London escorts have relationship problems but there days when I have been very unlucky when it comes to my relationship with Alan. 


The girls I worked with at London escorts have been very supportive. They have encouraged me to leave Alan for some time. I know that my former London escorts colleagues would be there for me. At the moment I am not sure what I am going to do. I feel that I would like to go back to work for London escorts, but I am not sure. Since I left the escort agency in London my life has changed a lot. 


One of the things that I am considering is moving away. I have lived in London most of my life so it would mean a big change of scene for me. But, I have been pretty savvy. I still have my own flat that I am renting out. I could technically carry on renting out and find a job somewhere. After I left London escorts, I trained to do nails and I have been doing rather a lot of work in the field. One of the girls I worked with at London escorts has moved to Bristol and she says it is a nice place to live in.  It is a nice change from the business of London as it less populated and more easy going, the question is that is she happy?


My ex is not dangerous or anything like that. To be fair to him, he is just a twit and I guess that is not going to change. Instead of spending time with me, he would rather spend time with his friends. They are all golfers and I keep on waiting for him to come home all of the time. If I had known that golf was such a big part of his life, and it would dominate our life together, I think that I would not have left London escorts for him.  


Moving away sounds appealing to me. It would be like a fresh start. I would hate to lose touch with the rest of the girls at London escorts, but I guess that I could always come back to see them. What about my ex? Well, I am planning to sell all of the nice bling and fancy handbags that he gave me. That should not me rather a lot of money. Yes, I made the wrong choice when I left London escorts but I know that I have got it within me to put it right. Women are after all pretty could at making positive changes in their lives.  

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