Sex Challenges

When I was younger, I always used to worry a lot about problems. Every problem felt like a great big challenge for me. Now that I am older, I have learned that challenges are real problems that need to be solved. If you stay calm and think creatively, you can solve most challenges without any hassle. That applies to all sorts of challenges, even the ones that I face at charlotte London escorts.

An outsider looking in may not think that working for London escorts would bring any challenges. But, as far as I can tell, London escorts are faced with just as many challenges as other women in work across London. What is so different about the challenges you face as a London escort? When you work for a London escorts service, you need to think on your feet all of the time. Many of the girls who are new to escorting may find that very challenging. They simply don’t know how to handle all of the situations that may arise.

What is the most common challenge charlotte London escorts face? On a day to day basis, I would say that the most common problem London escorts face is gents turning up drunk. Men who have not had a lot of experience of dating London escorts think that they need a bit of Dutch courage before they go on a date. Subsequently, they have the habit of visiting a pub or bar before they come to see us. It is not really a good idea, and you may find that you are turned away if you are too drunk. Ask yourself why you need to have a drink before you go on a date with an escort in London? It is really a waste of money.

The other challenge many London escorts faces are foreign dates. Some of the foreign gents I have met since I joined London escorts do not speak English all that well. That applies mainly to clients from places like the Far East and Russia. Most of the time they don’t spend too long with us and often leave before their time is up. I don’t worry about it anymore. Like I say to my friends, they leave great tips.

What about sexual challenges? Sure, London escorts do come across their fair share of challenges which relate to other matters. All you can do is to take in your stride. Once you have had some experience of working for a London escort agency, you will find that you worry less about these challenges. It is just like anything, you get used to dealing with the situation. Do I have any advice? I tell all girls to take it easy. If they are not sure, I always tell them that I am available for discreet chats. It is in my interest to make sure my friends are both safe and happy.

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