Outcall London Escorts Talk Monarchy

King Juan Carlos of Spain seems to not be such a perfect person after all. During his reign, he amassed a considerable personal some of which he gave to his mistress. His son is desperately trying to make up for it and has announced that he will not accept any money from his father. Instead he will look after his family using personal private funds. London escorts and royalty do not really go hand in hand. However, there are plenty of rumours that London escorts have dated royalty.

What else in troubling one of the many royal families around the world? More than one girl at outcall London escorts that we spoke to, are wondering what is going on with Prince Andrew. Did he date underage girls or has he ever been involved with London escorts? He seems like the sort of character who thinks that nothing can touch him. But, on this occasion, he seems to have come unstuck. It is very unlikely that Prince Andrew will come up smelling of roses. The American justice department want to speak to him about alleged crimes and want to know the extent of his involvement with Jeffrey Epstein.

Are people beginning to question how much money the British Royal family has tucked away? It is widely recognised that the British Royal Family is one of the richest families in the world. They seem to think that they can get away with almost anything. On more than one occasion, there has been rumours that royals dated London escorts. You don’t have to go very far back in time to find links to Princess Margaret and male London escorts. She was rumoured to have had lovers all over the place. Some of them are thought to have travelled with her to the Caribbean Island of Mystique. Today the locals still talk about some of the hedonistic parties which were held on the island.

More than anything, people do question if it is right for one family to have so much wealth. The British family has a huge property portfolio. As a matter of fact, it is so large that they have to take turns to live in different properties up and down the country. The Queen seems to love her holidays in Scotland and Norfolk. On top of that, she also has her personal home – Windsor Castle. More than one girl at London escorts would like to enjoy a night or two in Windsor. The truth is that we would all like to be treated like royalty from time to time.

Should we actually treat one family as they ruled over us? This is the question that pops up in the press from time to time. It does make you wonder. The royal family is a German family after all. One of the girls we spoke to at London escorts, did not have a clue that the Royal Family has an extensive German inheritance. Did you know that they changed their name to Windsor? They thought it sounded more British than their previous German surname. Can our tax money be better spent? Probably yes and it is time to look out how much all of our royal families cost us per year.

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