If your husband came home, and said that he had enjoyed oral sex, what would you say?

This happened to a friend of mine who works as part of a team of West Midland escorts. Her husband came home one day, and said that a girl from his office had given him a blow job. Susanna, one of my West Midland escorts friends, was fuming. She said that this guy has terrific sex at home, and then he goes off with some tart in his office for a blow job. He said that he felt really guilty about and wanted to tell Susanna as soon as possible to off load the guilt.

The Story so far

I am sure this has happened to other West Midland escorts as well, but that does not make it right. Susanna’s husband had offered to give this young girl a life home as he did not want her to walk home alone in the dark. He said that she is new in the office, and that she had seemed like a really sweet and innocent girl. Sweet and innocent! Well, in my rule book sweet and innocent girls do not give other ladies’ husbands blow jobs! Most of my other friends who are also West Midland escorts do agree with me.

Is it his fault?

Most West Midland escorts have plenty experience of men, and appreciate that sometimes they do stupid things. But, at the end of the day this guy must have let the girl unzip his trousers to give him a blow job! Now, what myself and West Midland escorts are trying to figure out if this is adultery. Should we not be sticking to one person when we are married, and he could have gone home to Susanna and enjoyed a blow job! I am sure that Susanna is much better at doing blow jobs or hands job than some silly little girl in an office.I have to say that I think that he has been naughty, and been unfaithful to Susanna. It may not be penetrative but he still went ahead with a sex act with another person. Is it his fault? Well, he didn’t have to unzip his trousers did he?

Silly Man

All of the West Midland escorts that I have spoken to fully support Susanna and say that this is adultery. He should not have done, and all of the West Midland escorts feel that doing with a girl from the office is really stupid. I bet Susanna is going to find out who she is and have a few words with her. In the meantime Peter has been told to keep his trousers zipped, and is not to give any silly girls a lift home again. Susanna has unfortunately lost a bit of faith in her husband, and she feels much betrayed. He knows that he has disappointed his stunning wife, and made a bit of a fool of himself. I think that most ladies will come down on the side of Susanna in this matter, and husband Peter will just have to stay in the dog house for a little bit longer. My husband would certainly not be sharing my bed for a while, I can tell you that!

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