Bags Of Candy: The Different Types Of Escorts

The company of an escort is something that many men go for at some point in their life. The reasons as to why they look for them can vary from one person to another. Whether it is for sexual pleasure or just company, there will be an escort who will meet those needs for you. Here are the different types of escorts and where to find them.

• Independent escort

These are escorts who work for themselves. They are not employed by anyone and are not answerable to anyone. They are found in hotels or private houses to keep away from public eyes. These types of escorts advertise themselves online and charge a high price for their services.

• Escort Agency employee

These types of escorts are employed by agencies and they must share their profits with the agency that employs them. You can find them in private locations and hotels. They charge a relatively high amount of money.

• Brothel workers

These types of escorts work for brothel owners. You can find them in saunas and massage parlors. They charge a moderate amount for their services including sex. These types of escorts, however, must share the money they get with the owners.

• Streetwalker escorts

These types of escorts earn little for their services and are exposed to exploitation. You find these escorts by the streets. They earn less than those who work bars, brothels or those who are independent.

• Casino or bar worker

Casino workers are the kind of escorts you find in bars and pubs. They mingle and make clients out of the men who come for their drinks at the bar. The people who meet these kinds of escorts sometimes must pay for the escort expense with an agreed arrangement.

• Accidental escorts

These are escorts who had no intention of being one, but something pushes them to be. The reward she gets out the first time is what motivates her to be willing to do anything to keep their clients happy.

• Outsider escorts

These are escorts who always want to run in the elite class even when they know there are social barriers because they are not rich enough. Through being an escort they can become part of that high class. This type of escort utilizes their charms looks and skill to lure men.

• Convert Escorts

This is an escort who has changed from being a prostitute to an escort. She tends to ask a lot of questions, and she is more cautious with their money and belongings.

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