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Would you like to meet a sexy brunette tonight? If you would like to meet a sexy brunette tonight, you may want to give me a call. My name is Myra and work for Woodford escorts in We may not have met as I have not been with the escort agency here in Woodford in London for very long. But during that time, I have found out that there a lot of gents in London who really could benefit from the company of a hot brunette. Perhaps I could be your girl tonight.

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Are you wondering where the name Myra comes from? Well, I was actually born and bred in part of old Russia. Lots of the girls who come from my part of the world are brunettes because we are rather a dark people. On top of that we are rather delicate and you will find that my bone structure is fine and kind of sexy. If you are looking for a petite girl to spend some time with here at Woodford escorts, I would be the ideal choice. I promise you that we can have some fun together.

What can you expect on a date with a girl like me? I like men who can be in charge, so if you would like to be in charge, I may be your girl tonight. It is so nice when gents bring new ideas to me and I learn a little bit more about escorting in Woodford in London. After all, working for Woodford escorts is a totally different experience than working for an escort agency in Russia. All of the escorts agencies in London that I have come across, are much more professional than Russian ones.

Do I like to date in the UK? I love dating in the UK and I have met some fine gents. When I first arrived in London, I did speak some English but I have learned a lot more since I have been here. The gents that I date at Woodford escorts are very patient with me and like to take their time. If I don’t understand a word or two, they are more than happy to explain them to me. When I worked in central London, lots of the gents did not have that much time to explain things to me. They just wanted to get on with things.

I think that I will have a great time here at Woodford escorts. My dating diary is filling up nicely and I am meeting more exciting gents everyday. Sure, it would be great to have my own place, but I am not sure it is for me. I am hoping that one of the fine gents that I have met at the escort agency will take me in and look after me. English gents seem to be very caring and that is one of the reasons that I have stayed in the country. No, I don’t want to go back to Mother Russia, I really do prefer living here in the UK. At least, it is a little bit warmer.

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